What makes us better than the other guys?


We handle interviewing and running background checks on our techs. You can be confident that we've got your back, and that we aren't some fly-by-night if you need replacement parts or repairs that can't be done in-home.

We work on your schedule

And we work on all sorts of schedules, too! Our techs work on their own schedules, so we'll have someone available any time, day or night, to help you out. If you need help in the evenings, early in the morning, or on the weekends, and you'll be hard pressed to get help elsewhere. But we can help.

We come to where you need us

Of course, there are local places that you can take your computer to, and they don't cost you like the big box companies do. But we can get the same work done for you, in home, and with someone close by to you.

We pay a fair wage

We pay our techs a fair wage, and the better they do for you, the better they get payed. The big box companies charge you big bucks, but they pay their techs a tenth or less of that to the guys that actually do the work. Our techs will do better work, knowing they are being payed well for their time.